Bzzzy, Bzzzy Bzzy as a beeeeeeeeeee!

by laurie jane kern on May 26, 2010

I have been so busy at work for the past two weeks that I come home at night and have no desire to work on anything! It is: have a nice tot of scotch (single highland malt of course), watch some television and off to bed early.

I did start another trinket tray about 3 weeks ago – it is in the pitch pot, lined and the repousse has been started and now it must come out of the pitch pot, even though it is not to the point where it needs to be annealed……


Because this weekend I shall be attending a FOUR DAY workshop with Nancy Megan Corwin  YIPEEEEEE

My tools are assembled and I have some ideas in my book in case we are told to come up with a design. With four days, I can’t imagine all the information and techniques we will learn; let alone make.

Several people from the class back in December will also be attending and my friend Mary will be taking it as a beginner, along with a few others.

It should be lots of fun and of course, I will post Lots o’ pictures next week.

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