Nancy Megan Corwin Workshop – The Sequel (Day 2)

by laurie jane kern on June 5, 2010

This is the second post about the workshop. To read the prior posts use this link: Day 1 post

Day 2  – Saturday and we started again at 9:00 am everyone talked about the first day, how tired they were when they got home – there was such a high energy!  We started the day with a demo and a show-N-tell where we all brought in pieces we had previously done. It was great to see other peoples work and even a few piece they had purchased. Then we got to work and I flipped my domed copper over, I scribed a small circle in the middle and then divided the larger circle into 8 segments. Each of the 8 segment and in each one, I would do a different technique.  After doing the lining, I started my textures. The first three segments were all done from the front side: Arts & Crafts planish, Concrete and Fur. The fourth texture started on the front with lining, then I had to flip the copper over so I could do some repousse and then I flipped it over again so I could add the final textures – I called this wood but I think it looks more like sargasso seaweed.

While working on my textures, there was a large amount of sharing between everyone: how did you make that, what tool did you use (Megan brought many of her tools which we could also use on our work, though I did my best to only use my tools when doing a texture); where did you get the inspiration for that; and much more!  Of course in the afternoon there was another trip to the gelato store and after class I stayed again, to go to dinner with Mary, Terri and Elizabeth. I was home and a sleep around 10 pm.

At one point Megan talked about purchasing tools and mentioned the tool set made and sold by Liza. I spoke up and told how my husband had bought me the set and that I had it with me. There were looks of envy all around the room and Megan who knows Liza had not even seen them! They were passed around the room and Megan asked if she could try them to which I agreed. That night just before I went home, I put them on Megan’s bench for her to use and the next morning she gave her seal of approval. Personally I think there should be one or two other tools included in the set such as an under cutter and a sheep foot planisher for working on side walls as this would make the set more complete as a starter.

Towards the end of the day, a friend of Megan’s arrived so they could go to dinner, it was Helen Shirk!
We had done a show-N-Tell earlier in the day and some of my vessels were on the table still because some of the other students wanted to take pictures. Well, Helen arrived and I guess she asked Megan who’s vessels they were and I was called over and I was introduced to Helen who then asked about them and where I had learned to do raising. I stated that I was still learning but I was taking private lessons from ‘Deb Jemmott’. Helen said: “Oh, she was one of my students”. Helen also said that I was doing very good work!

For more pictures, go to Kernolgy and you can see all the pictures I posted, which are more than I have shown here. Use this link to read about Day 3

Texture Wheel Day 2 from the inside

Day Two work

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