Getting Ready for Metals Week

by laurie jane kern on June 22, 2010

Saturday I am heading up to the mountains for Metals Week at the Idyllwild Summer Arts Program in Idyllwild California.
For me, it will only be a little over an hour to drive there and I am ready to go now.

The tool box is packed with all sorts of hack saws, hammers, sand paper, general tools, my camera and note book. I am taking the tools class with Val Link and we will be making tools for chasing and repousse and other textures. I sent an email to Val a week ago and asked if there would be time for me to attempt modifying an existing hammer and change the striking face to one I want. Val replied yes!

Why do I want to modify a hammer?
Every silversmith should know how to make their own tools – not just chasing and repousse tools but they should know how to make hammers and stakes.

I don’t think I should tackle making stakes or even modifying one until I can make/modify hammers. We all have to start somewhere and now it is time for me to start learning this as well.

But the real reason is because there is this certain hammer that Deb has in her shop which I would like to have and after weeks of searching, I can not find it for sale anywhere. The hammer does not have a makers name on it and Deb does not remember where or when she aquired it.

The hammer in question has a rectangular face but has a double curve on the striking face – the face is curved not only from the top to the bottom like a forging hammer but it also has a curve across the face. Here’s the kicker, this hammer is not used for forging, it is used for sinking. This hammer will allow me to make a circular or oval flat bottomed tray with a side wall. By striking along a line which delineates the bottom from the wall, this hammer will sink and bend the wall upwards.

I also found out that there will be a silent auction that helps fund the program and we were asked to donate something. I have a silver chain bracelet and matching earring I will donate or a small bowl that I am currently working on – it all depends on me finishing it by Saturday.

So SIX days to go!

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Laurie Jane Kern June 23, 2010 at 6:27 am

I certainly will. I look forward to seeing the results of your class too!

Fred Zweig June 22, 2010 at 6:39 pm

Laurie Jane,
Please introduce yourself at Idyllwild. I look forward to meeting you.

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