Day 4 complete and Day 5 in-progress

by laurie jane kern on July 1, 2010

Yesterday I reworked the second half of the hammer – it was not “just right” – The entire process would have been much easier if I had a belt sander and removed the handle, actually the hammer would have been done the first day. But I did not have access to a sander here at camp – so I forged ahead [yes that was a bad pun] with my files, sanding sticks, vice and vice grips.

FOUR hours later I was done and really pleased with the hammer modifications I had made. I have never done so much filing in my life at one time. I know there will be more filing in my future though, and it will be easier and faster.

I spent the afternoon making a sheep’s foot planisher and finished it just before we broke for the potluck and silent auction.

I was in bed and asleep by 8:45 pm (and probably snoring too)

Today is the last day and so when I got into the workshop I took out a piece of tool stock that was 1/4″ or even 3/16″ diameter to make a thin pusher/embosser tool. I am working on a trinket tray and I have been using a dapping punch for the repousse. It is the right diameter but not long enough to make a good continuous depression. The new tool, which is now done gives me more length so I can work more area with each hammer mark.

After I finished that tool, I refined my undercutter and made a matting texture tool.

It is now lunch time so when I go back I will have time to make one more easy tool and then I will have to pack up my tool box and help clean the space where all six of us, from the Tools class, have been working.  I am glad I am not the one who has to wash that floor though as it is covered with bits of slag from the forging and all the coarse and fine dust from the filing and sanding.

My hands are a mess – I have knicked my knuckles and fingers in 8 places from file scrapes or running my hands into the bench pin. There there is the dirt under the nails, around my cuticles and in the creases of my hands. And then there is the ache in my hands from holding the tools too tight while I work.

Am I complaining? NO – this has been a great fun and I can only imagine what I will make next year.

As for my hand, I figure a good soak in warm water and soft scrubbing and my hands will be almost clean enough

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