What is your most valuable equipment?

by laurie jane kern on July 21, 2010

We all have our favorite tools be they are hammers, torches, anvils; then there are the expensive ones such as rolling mills, and the like but would you think is your most valuable?

How about your EYES?

Over the past two months I have been to the optometrist 4 times and a retinologist twice with the potential of dire news being delivered.

It all started when back in June when I realized three things were going on: I was having problems viewing my computer monitor at work, there were focus issues even between my two eyes whether I wore my reading glasses or not and I was getting head aches and back aches trying to get it all into focus no less; I had a really bad “floater” in my left eye; and my night vision was blurry too.

So off to the optometrist I went despite having had my eyes checked despite having bought new reading glasses only 8 months prior. The verdict was yes, my eyes had changed in both distance and close up so I would need new glasses (2 pair to be exact) but the issue of the floater, which was large, had to be investigated because it might be related to the sudden shift in my prescription.

Off to the retinologist I went. There were questions not only about the floaters but had I seen flashes of light and what activities I did i.e. sports or other activities. My eyes were dilated and given a local so the doctor could use a very bright light and a magnifier to poke and prod my eyes so he could see all of the inner surface.  The floater was large – almost 5 mm and the doctor also said I had a “discolored spot” on the back wall of my other eye. After the exam the doctor told me I might be developing a detached retina which can lead to blindness if not addressed ASAP, and he was uncertain what the spot was.

What a scare! I was to come back in a month but IF anything got worse: fuzzy vision, more floaters, flashes of light, come in right away.

Then it was back to the optometrist for my 2 sets of glasses and when I went to pick them up, one set had to be sent back since they were made wrong.

Last week was my 1 month follow up. My eyes were dilated again and he went at it with the bright light, magnifier and the pushy/prode tool. Final result – The floater is going away, no bright flashes and thus my retina is not detaching, at the moment, and as for the spot he thinks it is just a darker area.


The scare as my husband said,  was all for nothing – but it makes you think what you would do IF you lost your sight.

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Laurie Jane Kern July 23, 2010 at 11:37 am

I have several friends with diabetes and yes when one has diabetes your eyes and any wounds you get can be a major event!

How strange, the dark spot I have is in my right eye as well. Even though the doctor did not say the “C”-word, that did come to mind. I ask if it was some sort of mole and he gave me the strangest look – I think he knew what I was implying and then just said No.

Having spent two summers as a welder, I do wear safety glasses without fail!

Bentiron July 22, 2010 at 8:10 am

That is a frighting experience. Two years ago I went through something similar and sort of still is going through it to a degree. I have had a floater since high school, almost fifty plus years now, that is a real p.i.a. when it comes to reading but we get by with it. On my last eye exam a large dark spot on my retina was noticed on my right eye and like you it was let’s watch it. It turned out to be just a normal darkening of the retina and not something worse, like cancer, but now I have been diagnosed with debates so I now need annual eye exams, no more of this every two year stuff. In all my years of metalsmithing I have only had one time where it was necessary to have an emergency trip to the doctor to have foreign material removed from my eye and that wasn’t even my fault, but it was painful. I hope your eye problems are all resolved now. Alway wear eye protection and always watch the person next to you because they may not be watching you!

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