Going Vertical

by laurie jane kern on August 9, 2010

A quick side-track:
I was looking at my kernology stats today and I see that someone entered a query about where to purchase roman glass.  So here is where I bought mine… I have known Avi for almost 20 years, I have bought jewelry from him and I have assisted him in his booth at the San Diego County Fair.

Here is the link to the home page  Avi-Jewelry . But to get directly to the glass shards use this link. You can also buy antique (Roman, Byzantine, and more) coins, pottery, jewelry, vessels in this area.

And now back to this post.

After I made the skewed cup – remember it was not supposed to turn out skewed; I tried making something else and that was a complete disaster [and no pictures to show either]. I found myself wondering IF I had lost it; my raising skills. I thought – wow, I have not done any raising or sinking for almost 2 month – could I have actually forgotten how to raise properly. As my husband pointed out – this was really stupid to think! Could it possibly be that I was tired and not giving the task at hand my full focus?  I set everything down for the night and walked away; I had a rather tall dram of scotch to make me feel better. (this was on a Saturday)

On Sunday morning I took the copper disk cum failure out of the scrap bin. I annealed it, cleaned it up and actually could flatten it with my lead filled rawhide mallet. I then set myself the task of “GOING VERTICAL”.

Yes, I was going to raise this 5 inch, 18 gauge disk into a vessel with almost vertical walls. If I started with a 1″ diameter base I could have 2″ tall sides and I was going to aim for a 1.5″ diameter at the rim. I also had to take it slow – no mistakes allowed – no stretching, no skewed sections – this would prove I could take it all the way UP!

I spent about 4 hours on it that first Sunday (July 25). Then the next weekend I spent about 6 hours at it on Saturday (July 31) and that time includes the time in the pickle pot and me getting lost while browsing the web for workshops on raising hollow ware (that in its self is a whole ‘nudder post!). Somewhere in here I also ordered the new smaller hammers too.  And finally this past weekend (August 7) I spent another 6 hours between raising, bouging, pickling, cleaning, planishing and filing the rim, plus adding a texture to the outside surface – YES I was able to finish it.

The walls are symmetrical, you can’t feel any ridges inside and I have also stopped grinding the edge of the stake into the bottom – that is nice an smooth too.

Here is my finished piece – I guess I have NOT lost my skills. I have posted THIRTY-SIX (yes folks that is 36) pictures over at kernology if you want to see the process of those sides coming up.

Total Hours: approximately 16 hours
Hammering Time: approximately  8-10 hours
Starting Dimensions: 5″ diameter disk – 18 gauge
Finished Dimensions: 1″ diameter base, 2″ high sides and 1.6″ diameter at the rim – 16-17 g at rim (17 gauge is loose so maybe 16.5 gauge), yes I measured it!

Going Vertical Pot

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Laurie Jane Kern August 11, 2010 at 12:22 pm

I had planished it but thought it still looked rather plain so I went back and added a texture using gentle strokes with my thinnest bordering hammer. You can see the texture better in the very last picture of the series over on my personal website (http://www.kernology.com/metal-work-2010.html)

Linda August 10, 2010 at 6:09 pm

Laurie, That is a beautiful raised vessel! Will you be planishing it?

Bentiron August 10, 2010 at 2:27 pm

That is a lovely little vessel! Very elegant in it’s shape, well done.

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