Birth of a Crimping Stake (by Potter USA)

by laurie jane kern on August 28, 2010

After my last post (about getting a crimping stake) Kevin Potter sent me some pictures of his lathe and how he started the machining of the crimping stake.

Yesterday, one week later he sent an email stating that the stake was done. He also sent along a few more picture of the completed stake.   Kevin and Danielle said:

Sorry I didn’t take anymore in progress pictures. I have these three photos of the finished stake though. And yes, it’s sitting on an anvil that’s in our living room. a friend helped me bring it in and he said, “No way is Danielle going to let you keep that in the living room.” and I said, “Of course she will, it’s too heavy, she can’t move it.” She is typing this email and it brought out a little smile.

I have made payment and he is shipping it Monday so I should have it by the weekend and my 2 day class with Deb.  To see pictures of the stake, use this link (which of course takes you to my website.)

Speaking of my 2 day-er with Deb – I have finished the prep-work for the Tapered Dish and the Pouring Pot. Today I am starting the raising on the Hearth Pot. And some where in there in all of this I also finished sinking 2 small bowls, one of which I have also put a ring base on. The base will be put on the second one today while the Hearth Pot is in the pickle.

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