2-Day Workshop with Deb – Intro

by laurie jane kern on September 9, 2010

Over the Labor Day weekend I had my 2-day (Saturday and Sunday) workshop with Deb. Each day there was one other student there – Dawn on Saturday and Betty on Sunday who was working on their sinking technique.

I arrived with my in-process Tapered Dish, Pouring Pot, and Hearth Pot. The Southwest Vessel did not get started. I also arrived with 2 other pieces that were almost done – the smaller dish was there to discuss patina and the larger dish was there to discuss patina and a stand for it.

I also brought all four of my LARGE stakes, including the new crimping stake [for which I had also brought a 6″ diameter 20 gauge disk to be crimped] and practically every hammer I had except the mallets. Oh, and I also brought my set of Fretz Miniature Forming Stakes (7 of them) and the stake holder.

It was a lot to carry!

In between every 2 rounds of raising, approximately every  2 hours we addressed the questions we had brought and also we took a long lunch to discuss life, the universe and everything else.

I will leave it here for now, I still have many pictures to post and some items are not completed – yet. So in my next post I will discuss each piece I worked on and get those pictures up for you to see.

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