2-Day Workshop – Patina Discussion

by laurie jane kern on September 11, 2010

Prior to this workshop, Deb had shown me how to use Liver of Sulfur [also known as “LOS”]  on copper for application of a patina and since then I had not purchased any LOS or attempted it again.

Before I came to the workshop, while preparing my other hollow forms, I sunk a small dish and put a ring base on the bottom. I had purchased a can of it from Rio but before I used it, I wanted to go over it again with Deb.

During one of our longer breaks on the first day, Deb showed me how to clean up the few errant spots of silver that were the result of me soldering the ring on for the base at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night. [Note to self – Do not do this, you are tired and rushing and it just causes more work later on!]

I had been pondering how to get a avocado skin appearance using LOS so I explained what I wanted to Deb and then we went into the shop area with the sink where Deb explained how make and then apply LOS onto copper; we also discussed the differences between using LOS on copper vs. silver.   Deb got me started and then I did the rest of the application. Also I dropped several hints about having a Patina class at metals week!

Here is a picture of my finished piece.  And of course, here is a link to these pictures over on Kernology, there are more pictures on how the bowl was sunk and the ring soldered on the base.  As I blog about the other pieces I worked on during the 2-day workshop, they will be added to this page.

Avocado Skin Bowl

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Bentiron September 14, 2010 at 4:41 pm

Patina, that sounds like fun. When I was casting bronze, let me think back, cupric nitrate for a nice green, ferric nitrate for a nice brown, bismuth for a white, didn’t have a call for that to often as pigeons took care of white, ammonia would give a nice blue but very fragile. I mostly used the cupric and ferric nitrate to give a nice brown with green high lights on the bronzes. I’m guessing you could use the same ones for copper. Liver of Sulfur was to give a black or dark brown cast for shadows.

Angela Hampton September 14, 2010 at 7:21 am

Beautiful!!! Will to to the link and check out the other pics!

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