2-Day Workshop – Pouring Pot (sort of)

by laurie jane kern on September 14, 2010

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I mentioned in my earlier posts about the workshop, that one of the pieces I was raising was a pouring pot. This item was based upon a creamer I had seen in a book. I was planning on mine being slightly larger – starting with a 6″ diameter disk of 18 gauge copper.

Per the book – first you sink the center of the disk so the vessel will have a spherical bottom; then raise the sides vertical; after that curve the walls in; then using the end of a cross-pien, hammer in a spout (we will come back to this); clean up the upper end; and then solder a ring on the base for a stand.

Before I went to Debs I had not only sunk my base but had almost perfect vertical walls above the equator of the spherical base. Then using this equator, I took 1/4″ segments where I would move the wall inward all the way to the top. I did probably 4 or 5 complete rounds before the shape was done.

Everything went well up to this point. Next we took the edge of a nylon hammer and tried to hammer a spout. It was a bit of a disappointment, the shape got all wonky and you could not get the rim onto the “stake” so you could hammer the spout. At this point Deb and I looked at each other and said: “THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK!” [We had already had a discussion about how the instructions in this particular book were lacking and incomplete let alone they did not match the pictures.]

I then took the vessel back to the curved stake I had been using and hammered out the spout, trued up the shape. I then air planished a small flat on the bottom and renamed the item as “The Pueblo Pot”.

This past Saturday I put a wonderful patina on it – the interior has hues of blue and purple and in the right light they are present on the exterior too. And then I waxed it.

You can see all FOURTY-FIVE pictures over at kernology. Here is one to get you started..

Pueblo Pot

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