Suppliers and Mixups

by laurie jane kern on October 22, 2010

Yesterday my stake holder arrived from Potter USA and even though it is ‘just a stake holder’ the stakes fit it perfectly. As I posted this past week – I have been working with Kevin Potter, owner and Stake Making God Extraordinaire of Potter USA,  on some getting some custom stakes made. BTW, I will also mention again that he is maker of the Otto Tech stakes for Otto Frei but I am veering off topic again. Through out the entire process there was great communication, mostly with Danielle but Kevin and I did talk on the phone and I got the stakes, which were exactly what I asked for [and wanted] – which is a good thing.

Over time, as we acquire our “capital equipment” or gather our materials for our creative processes, we find there is a whole plethora of suppliers out there to use. Some provide just one item but you go back to them time and again due to ease of ordering and great prices. Other suppliers, like Potter USA can fill a custom need that you just can’t find anywhere else. Some we use just for purchasing our silver; others because we got a coupon so we order a multitude of bits and bobs; and there are those you won’t ever use again because of _______________ [insert your pet peeve here].

And then there are times when you use a great supplier and it all goes haywire……

A month ago I ordered a set of Fretz Hammers from Otto Frei. Why?

  1. I needed some smaller faced raising hammers for the smaller scale hollow forms I was working on; which was being worked on my Fretz MIniature Stakes.
  2. I ordered them from Otto since they were on sale, had free shipping,  and with my discount code despite the California sales tax, was still less total money than purchasing else where.
The hammers arrived and guess what – two were exactly the same. There was a label mix up some where along the line so I called and a replacement was shipped out the next day and I had the hammer in my hands two days after that. Problem solved.
This week I ordered 3 additional miniature stakes. This time, I ordered the stakes from Rio and they arrived in the mail today. Guess what – I got two of the same stakes. [A girl could get paranoid if this keeps happening]. There was no issue identifying the tapered stake, then there should have been a flat raising and the other should be a rounded raising stake.
But nope, I had two rounded raising stakes. Oh, trust me, I checked and re-checked them. The first clue was the stakes were stamped with the same numbers on the tang. Then I checked with my calipers – yup the same size. Then, I checked the Rio stock numbers on the bags – no they were different and then I saw the original Fretz labels under the Rio tags and THEY WERE THE SAME! Whew, I am not loosing my mind. For a moment I forgot I had gotten the hammers from Otto and was thinking they have a stocking issue, now I think both have some stock problems. It can’t be Fretz that has the issue because everything has a Fretz label and they were correct for the items.
So now I have to call Rio on Monday and send the stake back and wait a bit more for the replacement.
Hmmmm… If only the mixup had happened when I ordered my Pepe Rolling Mill – maybe I could have ended up with a Durston? A girl can wish can’t she?
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Bentiron October 29, 2010 at 11:48 am

Sometimes you just wonder who is sticking on these stocking labels and how much sleep they are working on or how loud they are playing their iPod. I have had the same problem with my last orders for items I have ordered on line too. Is this a sign of the end times?

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