Oh, sure let’s beat on this subject some more.. Hammers

by laurie jane kern on November 26, 2010

Over on my  Tools of the Craft page you will see some pictures of my recent hammer acquisitions.

I recently purchase 3 original Dixon hammers that were new and never been used, oh and these are no longer being made.

Next I scored a win on ebay of 18 hammers (3 heads were not on the handles but were included). These will take a bit of time to clean up but there are some nice little hammers in the lot. These may be one-off’s because even though there are initials on them, I can’t seem to find a manufacturing mark. I have also posted close ups of the initials I found on the hammer heads.

If you know who these hammers might have belonged to, I would love to know

laurie jane kern

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shelbyvision November 29, 2010 at 6:34 am

Wow, what an excellent find!
I have a Dixon small planishing hammer that I bought about 35 years ago, and it is by far the highest quality hammer I have.

Bentiron November 27, 2010 at 12:31 pm

I’m so pleased that you won those. A nicer person couldn’t have won them. Now you that you have you need for hammers satisfied for a day or two you can spend some time polishing up the faces and fitting new handles to the heads. I, too, often wonder who it was that used the old tools that gather around me. Part of me tells me that there is no soul in them but still another part tells me that the tools rest happily on my bench and are happy to still be of some use again and not rusting away in a box. Every person and every tool has a job to do and that is good. Work is good for the soul.

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