And the Overtime Continues…

by laurie jane kern on March 7, 2011

As we start week 3 of this big push at work I find that using the term “BRAIN DEAD” is a bit of an understatement. I feel more like a zombie.

I …

wake up at 5:45 am

leave the house by 6:15 am

arrive at work by 7:00 am

work work work until they lock up the building usually before 7:00 pm

arrive home 45 minutes later.

eat dinner, talk to my sweetie pi, watch a little tv

go to bed preferably before 9:00 pm

REPEAT…for 5 days

On Saturday or Sunday (NOT BOTH) I allow myself to sleep until I wake up (usually around 8:00 am), coffee, shower and head into work. I will only do about 5 hours.

The rest of the weekend is resting and vegg’n.

We think it is only one or two more weeks.

I am praying, and I am not one that usually does.

laurie jane kern

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