Haystack Here I come!!!!

by laurie jane kern on April 16, 2011

I received really good news this week. I was accepted at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft for the second session.  I went to Metals Week in Idyllwild, California last year. It is organized by Deb, who we all know by now, is my teacher & mentor.  I had a wonderful time but afterwards I knew I had to find a class that allowed me to focus on Raising. When the new year rolled around, I started checking the websites of the other summer metals programs around the country. I checked them weekly, waiting for the day when they would post the programs for 2011. It was only the second week of January and Haystack posted their course offerings and I found not one but three courses that interested me: A course on raising & sinking, a course on flatware and another on fabrication of small hollowware.  Not only did I fill out the application that Saturday, with my first choice of  Metal Moves which is a two week session, my husband took it to FedEx on Monday and I had an acknowledgement of receipt two days later. Now I had to wait to be accepted. I would not be notified until mid-April. And while I waited I scoped out other programs on the off-chance I was not accepted.   There was a period of several weeks that I did not think about it at all because I was so busy at work. Last week a reminder popped up on my computer informing me that I could email Haystack and ask if I was accepted.  I sent off an email before I went to bed with the hope I would have an email waiting for me in the morning. YES I DID, and the subject line was "CONGRATS...."  To say I was ecstatic all day would be an understatement. So now I have to make my travel arrangements, schedule vacation time at work and count the days until I go.
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