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by laurie jane kern on July 31, 2011

Yesterday was class #3 and next Saturday is #4 and the last class as well. I am now done working my way through the 11 twill samples given to us by the instructor BUT I am only half way through my project which when done will be an 80″ long by 3 1/2″ wide scarf. Each twill sample is about 3″ long and is separated from the next by a 1/2″ section of plain weave. I was planning to repeat each twill on the second half of the scarf using different colors than the first set but I have changed my mind. I have selected 11 other weave drafts that I can do  using the same threading thus making the scarf a real sampler.  I figure if I get about 4 done today and one or two more during the week, I can finish them up in the final week.

I have posted pictures of the various twills and the other weaves I am going add to the scarf on my Weaving page.  I have also posted a few pictures of my other projects.

I have come to the conclusion that taking a 3 year break from weaving has not resulted in me forgetting how to weave.  My biggest issue (fear) was warping the loom as I had never been shown how to do it properly and then when I dropped the silk warp and it all got tangled I freaked myself out about getting it correct. Then I had to stop weaving because of the bone spur and torn rotator cuff.   I got so frustrated with it that I sold off many of my books, bulk yarns, and some of the shuttles I had. I even posted my loom on eBay to sell it – TWICE.

I am glad that my loom did not sell as I have come back to the realization that I really do enjoy weaving.

My next project will be to pull out my loom and plan some rep-weave place mats.

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