The Calamari Cuff is DONE

by laurie jane kern on March 26, 2012

I am done with the cuff, not *done* but DONE as in completed.

Last Sunday, I trimmed the corners, so the cuff would be easier to put on, and then soldered on the end bars.  Then it was finishing the filing and sanding. Afterwards I polished it and applied a liver of sulfur patina.  I was not happy with the colors I was getting, it was too gray, so I took the cuff and put it into the pickle to remove some of the patina and reapplied it, I did get some blues but was still not happy so I waited until this weekend to remove it reapply again – that would be application number three.

On Friday, since I was off from work (YEA, THREE DAY WEEKEND) I removed the patina, again, and then prepared my patina and very carefully applied it.  Friday night I left the cuff in very cold water to neutralize and to arrest the reaction.

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