Adventures in Bangles & Dangles

by jeanmatray on August 26, 2009

Yesterday was the last night of a 4 week session called “Bangles and Dangles” here at the Littleton Studio and we had a very good time.   Bea (who’s 12!) became a quick lover of Liver Of Sulphur and spent a lot of time perfecting her coloring process.   Her line up was the plug in tea pot, a bowl with the liver of sulphur, and a bowl with clear water.

Bea's Earrings

Earrings by Bea

Then she went experimenting!  After the piece was hot (in the tea pot) she found she could get some cool blues and purples by holding the piece in metal tweezers and dunking (2-3x is the magic number, Bea says) in the liver of sulphur, followed by a clean-off in the clear water.

The bit nearest the tweezers seemed to have more of a reaction than the rest of the piece, so she was strategically holding her pieces.   Bea repeated this process until she achieved the colors she was looking for on her tiger textured teardrop earrings.  Bea also got the hang of sawing quickly, handling the curves in this piece in the 2nd class.  Sometime this winter she’ll wear them (she just got her ears pierced last week).

Happy Student

Happy Student

Another student, Nancy, was very creative and prolific during our 4 week session.  She finished three bangles and one earring dangle pair, along with three (or was it four) small pieces that she will use in components in other jewelry.  This bracelet was made using the roller printing techniques we explored in the 2nd class.

Bracelet made by Nancy during Bangles and Dangles

Bracelet made by Nancy during Bangles and Dangles

Nancy used a piece of material from our big “things-to-use-in-the-rolling-mill” box to achieve this texture.  She sandwiched her silver between the material and a folded paper towel and rolled it through.  She has a hard time deciding if she likes the texture on the outside or the inside of the bracelet better.

Roller printed, domed, and soldered earrings by Nancy.

Roller printed, domed, and soldered earrings by Nancy.

And thanks to Nancy we noticed the leak in the ceiling near the bathroom before departure.  After a bit of clean-up and detective work (thanks Bruce), it was determined the air conditioner was to blame.  Luckily, up here in New Hampshire, we don’t use it too often, but now it will be fixed.  Next time Nancy detects a leak she’ll be wearing her new dangle earrings (roller printed, soldered, domed).

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