Rings and Bangle

by hansmeevis on November 24, 2008


I made this commission ring for Lola.
She came in on Saturday afternoon and she was leaving Monday.
So I made the ring halfway, unset, and she came in on Sunday and fitted it.
All was correct and this morning I set the stones. She was very happy with it.
I make a wide heavy band the right size and then with a strong flame, fuse the edges inwards until I have the requires width and taper.
Then I fuse and add gold until I have the right amount of material to hold the diamonds. In this case they were ten pointers, so the ‘bands’ on the sides had to be more than 3mm wide.
I am going to make a ring like this for stock. They seem to be very popular.
This is a white gold ring I made for my friend Claire.
Very heavy, like 30 grams.
She leaves for England on Wednesday. Bummer.
I’m told it is quite cold there now.
This is my latest coral bangle.
I faceted this Mandarin garnet a while ago and finally I think it gets a good home. ( 1.81 ct)
I set it in 18kt white tube.
The bottom hinge has a small diamond in it.
I rivet the caps and use epoxy.
It makes for an extremely strong attachment.
The other side.



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