Jewellery and Dino War Machine

November 22, 2009

Another St Maarten Map. One of my best sellers. White gold background and fused yellow gold on the edges. The top side is the french side of the “permanent lunch time” and the bottom side is the place of the ” jacuzzi sized pot holes”. Ha Ha , I no joke, mon…. A bi-metal men’s […]

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The Dino War Machine Edges Towards Completion.

November 13, 2009

Watch out! It is coming. I finished the articulated tail today and put on the plasma transmission and receiving unit at the tip. This is what in human terms could be called a transmitter.transciever,as has been pointed out–Something that transmits and receives. The receiving unit is a copper based dish with a phosphor bronze receptor. […]

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An Opal Pendant and the Dino War Machine

November 10, 2009

Here is a nice pendant I made today. I have done more opal work than normal lately. I have also been making a lot of schlock jewellery, and I am not going to post it here. No ways I put front street stuff on my blog and have the whole world laugh at me. The Dino […]

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A Bangle, A Pendant, An Exibition and the Dino War Machine

November 6, 2009

Here is a nice bangle I made on commission for a lady from Scotland. Set with a Nigerian blue tourmaline that I cut last year. She also bought the blue tourmaline that I posted on in my last post, so they go nicely together. We don’t get many Scottish people on the island, mostly Americans. […]

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A Rose, a Ring and the Dino War Machine

November 2, 2009

Here is a commisioned gold Rose pendant set with a Rhodolite garnet. The leaves are 18ct white gold. This flower is made from an instructive video that is available here and was made by an excellent metalsmith Luis. F. Moreno. Check the benchtube videos out. They are a wonderment. This is an 18ct ring set with […]

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Of Sunsets, Signs and Cockroaches

October 30, 2009

Sunset from the top of my shop building. Nice one. I have to fix a few thing around the shop. And I am not talking about jewellery. My sign was one. It was dying and looking tatty. Taken off, and a major grill (shiver) mission, believe me….. Rotten wood and all. I had made it out […]

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The Time Tower is Finished

October 27, 2009

Finished. Whew. That took a while. With this piece I religiously recorded the hours I spent working on it. A total of 203 hours of work. It stands 300mm high by 330mm long by 180mm wide. The wood base, which is Southern African Cherry wood, was finished yesterday and fitted into the copper and brass […]

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Making Little Silver Boxes

August 25, 2009

I like little boxes. I used to collect little boxes when I has young. So now I make then from time to time. I bought this wax working apparatus from a dental tech buddy of mine. Very cool, with an adjustable pen, a collection of different tip that I have made, all clean and neat. […]

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Folding Cross and Making the Proof of Concept.

August 21, 2009

This is the first cross I made. I filed the pieces 45 degrees, quick and dirty. Which DID fold up like this–but very fugly. I made several types of hinges to see which one was best. . Remember, all this stuff is taken on the fly and is also unfinished, so it looks kak. So […]

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Of Balls, Rings, Sounds and Optical Illusions.

August 8, 2009

I carved this ring out of Ferris purple wax. Sometimes, when the ‘master pattern’ is complicated, I make a silicone mould out of the wax. Just in case I screw the cast up. Which happens more that I would like to admit to my mummy. But this one was biff- bam, thank you ma’am. OK, not […]

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