David Huang’s Patina Class

by Jennifer Kenyon on June 15, 2010

This weekend we were fortunate to have Artist David Huang come and teach a 2 day Patina Workshop.  For all of you artists who only know of the usual liver of sulpher, silver black and ready made patinas…let me tell you, there is an amazing world of color out there!  I have wanted color in my work but felt that enameling was a bit time consuming and “high maintenance” for me.  Then the amazing David Huang came along with patina recipes that work amazingly.  We all got bright colors, visual layering, random patterns of color and a plethora of knowledge on the nature of patinas.

 Many people(in the class) complained that patina books tell you how to do patinas but the results are odd and boring.  Everyone came out of the workshop with an array of exciting patinas and knowing exactly how to do them, which allows everyone to move forward and enhance their designs!

Here are some quotes from the workshop

“It changed the way I look at copper & opened entire new doors for my work”

Heather Wobbe

“David was great as an instructor. He was open to trying all kinds of things and gave us a lot of hands on time after demonstrating.”

Doug Hahn

The following are pictures from the workshop



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