My first spring loaded, clapper style resin bracelet

by lianabennett on March 9, 2010

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This bracelet has been on my design list for a while now. I wanted a resin bracelet that was easy on and off, comfortable to wear, and oval shaped. The biggest hurdle was finding the spring loaded jewelry hinges. The next problem was finding a heat-proof bracelet mandrel for post curing the urethane resin (see previous post) Once these design challenges were solved, I created the master and molds. The final problem was finding the right glue that would bind the metal hinge to the urethane resin. The glue needed to be heat resistant and give a strong bond, capable of withstanding the torquing stress of opening the bracelet, without failure. After multiple tests, E-6000 turned out to be the winner.

Here is the first of my new hinged resin bracelets. It’s a fan coral design. I love the way the fan coral fingers interlace in the front, to give an almost invisible closure. When you pull the bracelet open, and let go, it gives a nice snapping sound. Or should that be a clapping sound?

Fan Coral Hinged Clapper Resin Bracelet
Back of Fan Coral Hinged Clapper Resin Bracelet
View showing spring loaded hinge

This is the perfect style bracelet for me. I have small wrists and large hands. I wear a size 7 bracelet, but to get a bangle over my hands, can be painful. This resin bracelet is comfortable, easy to put on, stays in place without rotating, and light weight at just 38.6 grams. Did I mention it’s my favorite colors for summer?




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Luba March 11, 2010

It took me a while to decide whether I like this piece or not but I think it looks great, very unique!

lianabennett March 11, 2010

Thank you Luba. That’s quite a nice compliment, coming from a diamond expert.

Bea March 11, 2010

Hi Just a note to say how much I like your bracelet. The colours are a little luminous for my taste but the styling and design are outstanding. Well done. By the way, where did you find the hinges? Bea

Anne Bellissimo March 12, 2010

Love the bracelet. I think your South FL roots are showing. I’m here in Ft. Lauderdale laughing (and a little envious of) your country girl lifestyle
“adjustments”. Good luck and keep posting your very creative jewelry.

lianabennett March 12, 2010

Thank you Bea, I found the hinges on ebay.

Hi Anne, Thank you. Yes, I miss the ocean and the warm weather, but Spring is coming and the wild flowers will be back soon. And I will no longer need to wear 2 pairs of sweats at a time 🙂

Terri February 18, 2011

Love your bracelet! I know of one source for the hinges. I wonder if it’s the same one you found…jans?

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