New Butterfly Cuff Bracelets and “Kamikaze Gnats”

by lianabennett on January 23, 2010

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My banana trees are happily spending the winter in my studio. Unfortunately, they are harboring tiny fugitives – gnats! A few gnats are not a problem, until they find their way into my casting room. I had just finished a new butterfly bracelet and was removing it from the pressure pot, when I found a “Kamikaze Gnat” had dive bombed my final resin pour. My fiancé suggested I list the bracelet at 1/2 price, so I created a 1/2 Price Off Casts section in my Etsy store. Good idea! Maybe, this is a great way to clear out some of my less than perfect jewelry.

So here is the first 1/2 Price listing.
New Clear Resin Butterfly Cuff Bracelet Modern Art Jewelry 1/2 Price Kamikaze Gnat
Clear Resin Butterfly Cuff Bracelet

His wings were not as stuck as the rest of him, and came off. So, I cut a piece of black glitter in half and glued on his new wings. It’s impossible to hide him, so I might as well make him pretty.




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hansmeevis January 24, 2010

And 100,000 years from now archeologists will wonder at this gnat, a perfectly preserved specimen of a new species from antiquity!

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