Model Shots II

by Sam on January 3, 2011

I ran across more model shots and wanted to share them. I have been able to work with several beautiful women over the years who are willing to model my jewelry for me. Learing photography has been fun , I sometimes realize I know nothing of photography and have forgotten what little I did know. Even my light box shots go awry sometimes. I don’t have much to say about these pictures except I hope you enjoy them.

Necklace by Sam Patania 1990's

Necklace by Sam Patania 1990Some opal doublets with 14K Gold and ruby.


Pendant Sam Patania C1990

Pendant Sam Patania C1990

This is a simple pendant which some how reminds me of my dad’s work.

Necklace Sam Patania C1990

Necklace Sam Patania C1990 This was photographed by a professional photographer David Frank while he was in Tucson from NYC. The model is Susie Longo who was an intern for a friend of mine while she attended University of Arizona. Necklace, Sam Patania C1990


Necklace Sam Patania C1990

Necklace Sam Patania C1990

 I had my model “look angry” and this is what she gave me, I love this shot. This particular model was apprenticed to me while she was in high school. She was awarded with the “Least Appreciative Apprentice Award” which is the only time it has ever been awarded. In fact she is still a good friend.

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