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by Sam on January 10, 2011

I have been working on getting my website up and running. My site is less an online store than an online portfolio. Of course I hope that anyone looking at the site would be inspired to work with me to make a jewelry piece.  Getting and maintaining a website is quite a challenge for any small business, I talk to many small business owners and we are all in some type of process to get our sites up and running. I don’t have a shopping cart on my site since my pieces are either one of a kind or need some fitting to the person who is buying. In many cases materials available when I made the work pictured on the site is no longer available.

I have many pictures on the site which have not been seen publicly, many commissioned pieces which I haven’t written about on this blog and PataniaCollection pieces not usually posted anywhere else. I will be continuing to add my portfolio pieces to the site over the next few days.

If you do want to get in touch with me to inquire about a piece, please see the “About Patania” page on this blog or the “Contact Sam” link on my website.

Thanks, Sam

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Bentiron January 11, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Nice looking web site. It shows the wide range of your working skills and styles. No picture of you though, that would be a nice touch, unless you are hideously deformed or have a gross physical appearance. How about adding one of you?

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