A Platinum Alloy For All Seasons

by platinum on October 22, 2008

Embraced by master jewelers, Pt950/Ru is a universal alloy and used for all methods of manufacturing. When made into tubing, it creates a very dense molecular metal, exhibiting great hardness, which is preferable for wedding bands since they are meant to last a lifetime. As sheet and wire stock, Pt950/Ru is used for hand fabrication and a viable choice for three-stone platinum rings. 

Pt950/Ru has an annealed hardness of 130 HV and can work-harden to 190 to 210 HV, creating beautiful castings. Featuring good white colour, this alloy is 100 per cent precious. Given its hardness and ease of fabrication, it is popular with jewelers. While casting is a little more difficult and fine detail often requires extra effort to fill, Pt950/Ru can be cast with relative ease once casting parameters have been established. (Since parameters are different for every casting machine and environment, they must be established to be consistent.)

Pt950/Ru is the most commonly used machining alloy in Canada and the United States, and is mainly used for wedding bands, watches, and other jewelry requiring lathe or machining. It has a high ductility and therefore is also used for platinum wire- and chain-making.

Featuring a tight grain structure, Pt950/Ru produces hard castings, which are strong and hold stones securely.




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