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by sabrahardy on September 24, 2010

Question for Ganoksin:  Mind you if it appears a silly question – remember I’m a novice hence the name Super Novice.  THE TERM “DIAMOND ENCRUSTED” what type of setting does it describe????

On Kings Highway in Brooklyn when I was around 15 years old (never mind how old i am now) i went into a jewelry store and I fell completely in love with a very flat square RING with semi rounded corners. besides the unusual shape it had a thin 3D look when on the finger like a “Skinny pinky ring”.   On one corner was a bumble bee in yellow and white gold with very tiny diamonds in each nook and cranny of the tail and wing sections. the salesman called it “Diamond Encrusted”

Today when i ask jewelers about that terminology I get quizzical looks —  What kind of setting is “Encrusted”??? It makes me visualize someone rolling gold around in loose diamond melee.  I know it sounds kooky – it’s like an Italian baker rolling a warm fried  zeppo in white confectioners sugar. (okay it’s a new york thing) 

How is something “Encrusted” ? (the short version) .  What I gleaned from Internet is:   “Diamond Encrusted” describes clusters of tiny diamonds throughout the entire piece.  Can anyone in the Ganoksin community elaborate how this is done???? 

  it’s slightly different than pave. I liken it to gypsy settings lined up side by side.  if you’ve ever seen it you will  understand.  It looks as if the stones are imbedded because there is scintillation & sparkles on each and every surface only very tiny while the area covered is completely filled in with it.

Thanks Ganoksin for answering a question and yes i did purchase John Cogswell creative stone setting.




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