by sabrahardy on April 17, 2011

Today was the last day of a intensive two day introductory Anticlastic Raising at the 92nd Street YMCA in New York with Anticlastic Jewelry Designer Extrordinare  Michael Good.  He still has a distinct twinkle in his eyes, and a megawatt grin,  (us women were amazed at this strikingly tall good looking man ) When he revealed his years of expertise we still couldn’t believe how great he looked.  (His wife is lucky) he was in NYC by way of San Francisco & a stop over in his home town – Maine.  Michael had driven many hours schlepping 18 boxes of our custom made tools he designed.  Michael did a 12 piece complete set of tools in collaboration with Bill Fretz the both are formidable when it comes to tooling — hammers, stakes, delrin, metalsmithing etc.,   His hammers Had the amazing Logo the “HYPERBOLIC PARABOLOID” with the signature “M. Good” most people mistake this logo for a Butterfly, but he explained handing out our first exercise what the “Hyperbolic Paraboloid” was.   I was so happy to be in this class – you could have dropped a bomb on my head it could not have spoiled my high.   please forgive my spelling.  Also In attendance was Cecelia Bauer another formidable player in the world of jewelry making or jewelry period, her credentials are most excellent.  (as a student it was two days of – on my best behavior)

I thought of the subject(s) geometry & physics hearing Michael Good speak.  At first I was afraid the theory of Anticlastic metalsmithing was over my head.   I haven’t seen the inside of High School since the 70’s so when he spoke of the history of the work with some ancient background in Europe namely Ireland, Scotland etc., the use of animal Antlers – the discovery of relics in Europe as well as Africa.  The respected  role of the Blacksmith in each & every culture or tribe throughout the world – Blacksmith as compared to  that being a shaman, historian, problems solver mathematician.   Blacksmiths were iconic,  Michael compared scientific based belief on molecular movement how everything is related to Anticlastic structures, in biology,  physics, as well as manmade structures,  Michael talked about how Anticlastic movement covered a wide spectrum of influence.  We got down to business with bronze he spoke about acceptable thicknesses when buying sheet metal.  He mentioned that He & the Fantastic Cynthia Eid finished collaborating on a book with alot of great pictorials that every one of the GANOkSIN community can enjoy.  Tim McCrieght is in on it too so everyone you sleep on this you snooze you lose.  An instructional book & a video on microforming and anticlastic raising are forthcoming.

We were hammering away on those stakes honey, he said we should be practicing on using our Axial & Radial stakes, placing the metal on the edge of a generator (radial) curve — hitting the hammer just below the edge, we learned how to utilize the negative or air between the curve of the stake and the curve of the metal.  Anneal, Anneal, Anneal and Anneal it again.  Well we banged, clanged, boomed, cracked, clacked, all over the darned place.  I hit my thumb so many times i just got used to it.

I’ve never seen someone work so damned hard, I’m not talking about me i’m talking about Michael Good, the First day was Friday we had students in three different rooms,  he had to go from one to the other.  Sunday we had two it was somewhat saner but not by much.  With a 30 minute lunch we didn’t want we ate and worked.  Michael also brought cases of his actual gold jewelry and sculptural pieces the man was a dynamo he wasn’t feeling so hot either poor man his nose was giving him the annoyance every so often.   Michael spent alot of time with each student and the price was great less than two hundred fifty dollars, all we had to bring was the metal, some scribes and for the sight challenged some visors if you wanted to but the YMCA had them.  He even had assistants in the room.  I swear it was amazing.  He told us honestly two days is not enough to really get a good grasp of the subject matter but he was willing.  Michael said normally he gave the occasional three day intensive that this was pushing it.

In addition to doing his “Hyperbolic Paraboloid” we did a “Spiculum bangle/cuff bracelet”  he lectured and demonstrated waves e.g., “Ruffles” & “Double Helixes”  it was informative we all took notes when we could.  He lastly gave tips and tricks of the trade we traced his metal template patterns on our sheet metal, we watched quick projects we could do at home leafs with anticlastic raising and fold forming that we could get ruffles and waves.  Seeing quick triangular shapes transformed into simple elegant pendants or earrings.  Last but not least the thing i loved the most his transforming a 1/8 inch of metal into an ear wire using his delrin that he took an hasp and created a tiny groove.  it was an amazing class. I was happy he sold some tools.  He did a great job Thanks Michael and your wife is a Luv.

I can’t wait to get my tools and i made a friend so there!

Super Novice reporting for GANOKSIN!!!




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