Artist & Kids Weekend

by Sarah Loch-Test on February 3, 2013

Tin Can Collage

This post is a couple weeks over due, I think I needed some time to recover from the chaos.  One of the outreach programs Contemporary Craft does is called Artist & Kids, which is for kids between ages 12 & 16.  They spend two days working with an artist to complete a project.  Our artist was Robert Villamagna and the project we did was Tin Can Collage.  Ten teens invaded our studios, creating a cacophony of hammering and art making.

The spread of tin cans, artist Robert and some kids!

The kids did an awesome job, it was great to see how they each created something that reflected their personalities.

Ben & Ralph

Then we panicked, some of the kids had finished their collages on Saturday, so we needed to make  game plan for Sunday.  So that meant I got them for a jewelry/enameling project.  We went through all the saw blades, but I only got burned once.  Again it was chaos, but some of the students really took to the craft.  There was some awesome layering of color!

Sophia's Pendant

For me, it was a fun challenge to keep up with all the kids who all had different skill levels.  None of them had worked with copper or enamel, some are students at the arts impact high school, others had little to no art experience prior to this weekend.  I was really impressed not only by the pieces made, but also by how the kids helped out one another.  I even got some of the kids to instruct their peers, doing simple tasks like drilling with the flex shaft.  Gotta love delegating!

Enameled pendant

Robert has a lot more great photos from the weekend over on his blog.

I’d like to give a ‘shout out’ to Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse and my mom for providing the majority of tins that were slaughtered for the sake of craft education.

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