Some of My Homemade Metalsmithing Tools

by shelbyvision on November 15, 2008

The kind of metalsmithing I do requires a lot of special tools. Most of them are simple enough that I’m able to make them myself. Usually all that is required is a piece of steel rod, a chop saw, a grinder, a sander, and sometimes a big torch, sometimes a lathe, sometimes a welder. Below is a universal stake holder I made to hold homemade stakes. The holder part is made from two track roller brackets from an old bulldozer, the bottom one welded to a 1″ steel rod. The stake it is holding in the first picture is for one specialized purpose, to create the recess on the bottom of my pet urns where the closure plate goes. The second picture shows me doing that task. The larger hammer in the first picture is a bodyworking hammer I purchased from McMaster Carr. It’s American made, and higher quality and less than half the price of the fancy German hammers. The only drawback was that I had to polish the heads myself. The smaller hammer is a gem I bought from Dixon (Do they still exist?) about 30-some years ago.

The next picture shows a stake I made to fulfill a need I had when making my watering can. The green paint attests to the fact that the piece of steel came from an old junked John Deere combine.

The picture below shows the holder with a ring mandrel (useful for many things besides rings). There’s a bushing on the shank to make it fit the holder. On the stump are two other mandrels of different tapers that I made on the lathe.

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Norma March 26, 2010 at 9:27 am

Hi, I was looking at your tools and I am impressed. I have been interested in metal smithing now for about a year. I am taking some classes but have yet tried to do some raising and forging. I am interested in making some of my own tools but a little hesitant. I don’t have a lot of the equipment that might be needed but I am hoping that a few friends maybe able to help me. I read on someone else’s blog that he picked up a lot of scrap metal at a junk yard and they seem to work out for him and I believe it is so much cheaper. Thanks for sharing.

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