“Anemonoid” – hammer-formed brass

by shelbyvision on November 17, 2010

This was an experiment to test out an idea on a small scale, and was successful enough to be tried again on a larger scale. My goal is to make a functional bowl with the “tentacles” all around the edge.

In the first picture the flat disc has been crimped for raising, then second, after one course of raising, (which in this case is enough), and marked for cutting. The cutting is done after raising. Even though it would be much easier to cut while the disc was flat, the raising process would make those appendages flop around from the force of hammering, which is not only annoying, but can cause the metal to tear. The cutting was done with a band saw, with a lot of belt-sanding, grinding, and filing to smooth the edges.

o1 02 03

The piece is then annealed and then the initial forming of the tentacles, and initial planishing.

04 05

Then in the next picture the tentacles are hammered closed from the outside, using a special little anvil stake. Next, the piece with all its seams silver-soldered, and pickled. Then the forming of the tentacles into curved shapes, with a stake made for that purpose.

06 07 08

Then the finished piece. I decided it was a candle holder, and it works really well for that purpose.

09 10

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