What is Rhino?

by avivasieradski on June 23, 2009

Pete asked me in my last post about Rhino.  Well, check out http://rhino3d.com.  Their home page gives the most apt description.

Rhino is a CAD program that uses NURBS for modeling accuracy and flexibility.  It’s the standard computer design program of the international jewelry industry.  It’s not that easy to learn, especially for less technically oriented people like myself, but it’s worth it.

One invaluable resource in learning Rhino is the Rhino newsgroup – Rhino users and staff members help anyone with any questions they may have.

Yesterday, I had an issue with a ring I was creating.  One user, Pat Schmidt, who is incidentally all over Youtube, helped me out with it by using Jing to create videos to show me how to fix my problems.  I’ll get into more detail about that if he lets me link to those videos.

Here’s one of Pat’s tutorial videos:




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