Tools of Engagement

by Suzanne on October 9, 2011

I’ve sat and criticised, then opted to observe my daughter’s fascination with what once was a big beautiful candle. For hours she’d sit and the wax would make its way all over our dining table. Her focus was picked up by her brother which, of course, led to many sibling challenges (I’m being polite).  How many times do you have to say “don’t do that” before it sinks in? I’m still waiting.  

So I’ve decided to turn it around and give both kids lots of wax to play with…Jeweller’s wax. I purchased some slabs, wire and a basic tool set. I’ll even give over some needle files that I don’t use for the exercise. The deal is that they can carve or melt away, within the restriction that they are creating something out of the wax.

Yes, it cost me money but so did my now non-existent pair of candles. I’ve even sweetened the deal with the promise of casting a piece each in silver. So now both my children are keen to sit at the table together and get started.  Time will tell how it plays out.

The unexpected side effect of my plot is that I’ve reignited my interest in wax modelling.  I’m waiting till school holidays finish and then that wax will find its way to my workshop for a play.

I figure this can’t be time wasted for any of us, unless of course my daughter inherited her love of watching wax melt for hours on end from me!


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