New Gemstone Cabochon Supply e-Store for Custom Jewelry Design

by georgeingraham on June 13, 2008

New E-Store Link

Ever since I started using the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin by Instinct Entertainment customers have been lining up complaining about how difficult it is to shop with. Not user friendly at all.

In response to that, I created a new ZenCart for shopping gemstone cabochon jewelry supplies.

Much more user friendly.

Gemstone categories are broken up into the following:

Agate Gemstone Cabochons
Fossilized FreeForm and Matched Cabochon Pairs
Jasper Gemstone Cabochons
Mixed Gemstone Cabochon Pairs
Mixed Unusual Gemstone Cabochons
Agate Matched Gemstone Cabochon Pairs
Jasper Matched Gemstone Cabochon Pairs

Hope you will stop by and check it out!

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