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by georgeingraham on August 16, 2009

Brand new Spokane area Social Networking Community for crafts, lapidary, jewelry, and all other related artists.

This community was started as a means to simply bring a variety of local niche artists from the Spokane area together in hopes of creating interesting and unique opportunities for all members.

Members are not limited to the few arts categories within the site title. All area artists are encouraged join up, and benefit from networking within the Community.

When we think of Artists, our minds can travel to any number of artistic niches. An attempt to categorize or list us all could be never ending.

My little artistic niche is lapidary. More specific, semiprecious gemstone cabochons that are used in custom jewelry design.

It is interesting that many arts related events, shows, festivals, fairs, etc., comfortably combine an endless mix of all imaginable artistic related niches.

Aside from selling our wares at these events, there are also golden networking opportunities between vendors and visitors. Any number of business building possibilities. Unique, often surprising, and totally unexpected opportunities can present themselves.

These events let us network face to face. Both with other vendors, and of course any local artists walking in to attend.

These “face to face” networking opportunities can turn out to be much more valuable in the long term than any single sale as a vendor at these events.

That is the goal of this community. Except, to provide an “online” social network that can potentially let these same interesting, unique, surprising, and totally unexpected opportunities unfold between area artists. Did not have any particular agenda in mind when I created this. Just sorta thought would let opportunities unfold spontaneously between members within the community.

Hey, maybe even make a friend or two while there ! If your in the Spokane or surrounding area communities, then come on over and join in !

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