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by teresamasters on November 10, 2010

I’d like to share an ongoing happening with you all and spread the positives involved.

Karen Hung of KH Metals is both a friend and former student of Jay whaley, and friend and co-student of mine. karen recently called me and suggested that I communicate with Mark Haughton of Rock Deco and his wife Diane West of Diane West Jewelry to invite them to Whaley Studios.

I respect Karen’s judgement and did. In speaking with Mark, I determined that he and Diane would be at the Santa Monica Craft Show, so I asked them to visit us in San Diego.

They did so on Monday of this week, and brought along Mark’s exceptionally beautiful, high quality and exceptionally cut stones, as well as Diane’s beautifully crafted jewelry for a Trunk show at Whaley Studios. Mark had asked permission to advise local customers that they would be in San Diego. Of course, that was fine with us.

Whaley Studios holds classes day and night Monday through Thursday. The interaction between Monday’s students and Mark and Diane, was so positive, that they are interrupting their San Diego vacation to continue to come up to Whaley Studios to make their stones and jewelry available to all of Jay’s students.

Of course it is good business, but finding a need and filling it is the formula to success. To have such high quality stuff to offer is the other part of the formula.

Some tie ago, Jay had a private client who wanted cubed colored diamonds for their rings. I was the one who researched this and found the path rather difficult. Mark is part of a Kimberley group who rigorously pursue non-blood diamonds. Mark has an incredible selection of rough and cubed color diamonds. Now I know where to find them.

This has been such a win/win situation, I want to give credit where credit is due. Karen who shared her source with us, Diane and Mark, who are sharing their vacation with us, and the Durango Colorado friend and student of Diane’s, who spends part of his year in San Diego and will also be a student of Whaley Studios.

Me, I feel good about all of this, and have three new friends.






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Peggy Wilson November 11, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Great post. I have found that many (not all) in this business are so afraid of competition that they cut themselves off from just these kinds of positive relationships. As long as we are each following our own independent path in jewelry making, there is room for all of us! thanks, Terrie!

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