Tucson, with Trepidation

by teresamasters on January 30, 2011

I have been mulling this commentary over ever since Rio announced there will be no Catalog in Motion in Tucson this year. I can sort of appreciate corporate decisions, emotionally, this one has me in a quandary.

I will drive to Tucson next week. I have directly written to friends I know usually go there as well to try to exchange private cell phone numbers. Tonight I am in a state of deep lament.

Where will I find Blaine Lewis, Alan Revere, Tim Mc Creight, Ray Grossman, Matthew Durston, Valentin Yotkov, Tim Sheriff, and the list will grow as more names come to mind. I already know Dana Singer and Snag will not be there. To renew my SNAG membership other than directly with Dana will not feel as good.

I have not seen any Rio catalog in my  mailbox yet, perhaps I am not a big enough buyer to warrant one. I did always manage to fill out a list to present to the staff there and anxiously await my mail delivery.

Where will I spend the time I sat watching incredible demonstrations. I so enjoyed the class I took with Ronda Coryell on fusing Argentium, even bought some of the tools I used at my bench. Where will I meet Pam, Judy, Loren, Charles? Who will tell me “don’t miss this or that?”

Yes, I will go to the Holidome, Freeway 10’s frontage road, the various Motels along the way. I will attend
Dave Aren’s Orchid Gathering, Maureen Brusa Zappellini’s MetalSmiths Unite gathering, and the Old Pueblo Lapidary’s Faceter’s Hob Nob. AGTA, look for dealers I know and love, Robert Lowe for sure. Mineral friends. I will also be looking for interesting folks to invite to Jay Whaley’s MetalSmith BenchTalk broadcast. I can indeed be busy, but sadly, I fear empty.

So why am I feeling sad and unsettled, ambivalent? It will be a long drive, a very long drive. I do look forward to meeting face to face a long time internet friend Pamela Harari from Israel who will be showing her jewelry in Tucson, for the first time, I truly wish her well.

Yes I have a few cell phone numbers and welcome more, so where do we meet? How can our paths cross? With Rio at the Tucson East Hilton, it was a given. I lament that loss. That was where I got my first hug from Hanuman, Ton, Daniel Grandi, and oh so many others.

I am indeed sad.






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kevin potter January 31, 2011 at 11:24 pm

I used to set up with otto Frei and they are not coming either. Thanks to our crazy and completely broke state alot of companies will not be attending. The state wants theses companies to pay sales tax and income tax for the state of Arizona even though they are not based here. I will be at the orchid dinner and at maureens.

laurie k. January 30, 2011 at 4:55 pm

Don’t look upon the trip as not seeing old friends. Look upon it as an opportunity to make new ones. You are so good as being a friend who would not want to be your newest.

Peggy Wilson January 30, 2011 at 11:32 am

I won’t be able to go to Tucson, since the demands of trying to keep our store afloat in this tring economy as well as our nonexistent budget won’t permit this luxury.

I empathize with your dilemma. I am reminded of a story my grandmother told me. She was a young married lady with 2 small boys, found herself suddenly moved from her native Chicago to a very rural area. When she went to enroll the boys in school, she found out that there was indeed a single school for all of the children from first grade through twelfth. She grew very concerned, and confided her worries in the French teacher, who told her, “The school is bigger than the child.”
I am sure you will find everything and more of what you are looking for in Tucson this year!

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