Spring Summer Colors for 2009

by teribaskett on March 25, 2009

Pantone has the spring colors all ready for everyone.  You can use the link to get a 29 page pdf report.  But if you think that is a bit of overkill, I’ll give you a quick (at least shorter) overview.  Now, no guarantees that your monitor will show fuchsia pink like mine, or that either will be right.  But you will get the general idea.   Yes, I wasn’t kidding.  Fuchsia Red is the first color; what most of us would call hot pink!  Then comes Salmon Rose, a pretty pink shade.  My 3 year old niece’s favorite color is blue, so she’d love the Palace Blue shade that came third.  It’s a lovely shade, reminds of summer beach colors.  The fourth is Lucite Green (and WHERE DO they get these names).  This, at least on my computer, looks more like a pale green, with an undertone of blue.  If you like the brights, you’ll love the SUPER LEMON.  Next was Dark Citron, a shade of green, reminds me of a light shade of green camouflage.  For the amethyst-lovers, next is Lavender.  True to form, it’s a medium shade of purple.  Then comes Vibrant Green (now, growing up on a farm, I think of that as the color of summer fields, this shade isn’t THAT Vibrant).  This is a nice soft green, relaxing, muted.  The last 2 colors are Slate Gray and Rose Dust.  Rose Dust is a pale pink, but with a strong hint of beige.  The Slate Gray isn’t as dark as you might think, it’s a blue-gray tone.

So, if you are planning some summer designs and wondering what colors you might want to work into designs, you might check these out.  Seems like blues and greens will dominate wardrobe colors for this summer, either coordinated with pastel pinks and purple, or put with an eye-popping fuchsia or lemon!




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