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by teribaskett on May 28, 2009

I want to take a moment to tell you about 2 new designers I’ve discovered. The first is Liv’nGood Jewelry. Liv’nGood and I seem to have some things in common, so I thought I’d introduce her first! The title of her post is “I’m so behind”….it definitely fits me too.  Liv’nGood has some great chainmaille pieces (check out the bright aluminum jump rings with the fantastic colors!) listed in this post, talking about how she is behind on photos so they aren’t even listed in her store yet!

I find that my photography time is pretty extensive….most likely because of my editing time.  Photoshop is great, but I’m learning slowly.  I do have a photo light box, but really need a good set of lights to get better color AND less shadows.  Liv’nGood takes some great pics of her work…The chainmaille earrings are lovely!

THEN, there is Mademoiselle M.

As we have learned this year, some of the festivals and craft fairs are very very slow, and she must have experienced the same thing in Verdun.  But being a creative soul at heart, she made the best of it and created a really neat wire wrapped bracelet, she called Leafy.   

You can read about this and another bracelet on her blog (check out her previous post too, called Wordless Wednesday.  I simply LOVE the ring:

As you all know, I like bigger, bolder designs, but she has a wide range of options, so check out her boutique also!




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