#TucsonGemShow #AGTA – The Tanzanite Foundation Presents The Maasai Ladies Project

by Robyn Hawk on April 3, 2014

#AGTA - The Tanzanite Foundation Presents The Maasai Ladies Project

In the Hall as you enter the AGTA GemFair is what I refer to as 
the Hall of Learning, Support and Publications...
one of the agencies represented is the Tanzanite Foundation. 
 This year they had a great display of tumbled Tanzanite nugget jewelry 
that was hand crafted by the local Masai women...
a new project to provide a steady income stream
 for the women and their families.

A little bit about the ladies from their website...

In the village of Nasinyai - just outside the tanzanite mining area - 
a group of ladies gather together to make spectacular jewellery 
with wire and tanzanite donated by TanzaniteOne. 
Each piece is 100 % handcrafted and all proceeds are reinvested back into the project.

Formed in 2012, the ladies were tutored by renown gem carver Naomi Sarna 
in the art of wire wrap jewellery making, and after a period of learning 
now create stunning one-of-a-kind pieces 
which are sold through The Tanzanite Experience boutiques in Africa, 
Television Shopping and will soon be available online

This gem of an idea was conceived by The Tanzanite Foundation
and now donations of time and skill by others - such as Adam Woodhams, 
a local photographer who manages the project in Tanzania, 
and TanzaniteOne Staff who tumble the stones - mean the project is now 
creating a steady income to help the ladies support their families. '
Special thanks to TV network The Liquidation Channel for their on going support.

To catch up with the latest, visit the The Maasai Ladies Facebook Page 

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