2015 Mineral Lectures – Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show – Night 2

by Robyn Hawk on February 15, 2015

Our hosts Maury & Aisha introduced the speakers and handed out gifts during the breaks
Thank you to the vendors that so generously donated items for the giveaways

7:15 - 7:50 pm

 Dr. Don Lum
"Minerals I have Known and Loved"

This talk from Dr. Lum was so much fun - yes he walked us through his mineral collection but who expected such a great sense of humor?   ...and his collection is varied and filled with important and beautiful minerals.

Following is a small sampling - the balance can be seen on the Fabre "Friends of Minerals" Forum:  http://mineral-forum.com/message-board

8:00 - 8:30 pm

Peter Megaw
"An Explorer's Mineralogical  Adventures 
  in Famous Mexican Localities"

Peter Megaw took what could have been a so-so lecture to a much higher level with humor and some really fun old photos - his opener was great.

The children are very friendly and when you ask about their parents they might take you to a mine sight or a pot field (it went on - I won't).  He discussed the minerals in several locations - St. Eulalia, Naica and the Fresnillo Trend.  The gasps were audible when he went through his photos of Naica and the Cave of Giants!

8:40 – 9:15 pm

Federico Barlocher

FILM: "Namak Mandi Peshawar Pakistan:  
The Mysteries & Secrets of the Legendary 
Gem Crystal Market 
Never Seen By The Public Before"

The indomitable Federico Barlocher has talked his way into the mines and markets of the Mogok Valley and the markets of Chantiburi in Thailand and now he introduces us to the market and miners of Peshawar Pakistan.

We know the gems and crystals from the area are amazing but have you seen the manner in which a deal is made?  the vaults that hold bag after bag of gem rough?  ...as usual it was a whirlwind tour!  Bravo Federico! 

Under that towel they are bidding

When in Rome....
Then that important piece came in! ...in need of some clean up!

It was sent to Dr. Pezzotta for the professional touch

I wish I could remember the name of this beauty - The Empress of Pakistan?

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