ATTA Gallery proudly presents Solo Exhibition “This is Thailand” by Taweesak Molsawat

November 29, 2011 – January 6, 2012


ATTA Gallery, the only gallery in Thailand specializes in Contemporary Art Jewelry, proudly presents a solo exhibition  “This is Thailand” by Taweesak Molsawat, from November 29, 2011-January 6, 2012.  You can find us in Soi Charoenkrung 36 (



Artist statement:  “This is Thailand”

Thailand from 2006-present


This body of work is the documentation the result of cultural and social changes. It reflects human behaviors in today globalization and capitalism era. In addition, this work is intended to mirror the ways we live our lives and the ways we have taken advantage of the environment and Mother Nature. We have been over consumed and over produced without taking care of the environment and nature around us.

The conceptual idea of “This is Thailand” is derived from the reinterpretation of jewelry as the reflection and expression of the artist to society regarding the diverse social issues. The significance of my work is the process of searching for new roles and functions of jewelry and the artist to rewrite a new definition of jewelry as the reflection and expression of the artist and a new definition of artist as a social activist, creator, as well as social and cultural sociologist, anthropologist and archeologist in today society.



These jewelry pieces and their stories especially the entire creative process have become the vehicle for not only the reflection of my conceptual ideas and philosophy but for the wearer to share and express his or her individual expression through my work as well.   Moreover, this body of work acts as the movable media on the body to communicate ideas, new interpretations and points of view to the public. In this body of work, trashes on the beautiful beaches around Thailand have been given the new lives in the context of contemporary cultural signifiers to communicate to the public. This creative research utilizes the methodology of observation, collecting cultural leftover and recording data. The process of analysis and synthesis of creative design process is the most important element of this creative research.

Furthermore, in this body of work, I investigate our everyday activities regarding the social issues to reveal our humanity in today society. I utilize my work as a mirror to examine the roles of jewelry and our responsibilities to the community, nature, environment, and the world. Therefore the roles and functions of this body of work have been to redefine the definition of jewelry as cultural and social objects that speak about time, culture, environment, and social behaviors including philosophy of the artist in contemporary contexts.  This work not only has a practical function to adorn the wearers’ bodies, but a cultural function to decorate the environment, human soul, society, and the world, making them prettier and better place to live.  The value of the work is emphasized on the idea of the work and the meaning that the work communicates not the commercial value of materials.



I use my work as an open-ended language. The work and the entire creative process are intended to be the catalysts to question and provoke interpretations and thoughts through the contents that the work communicates.


Taweesak Molsawat

Social and Cultural Critic through Design, Art, and Writing


“You would be disappointed if you expect to see jewel in this jewelry exhibition.”

For this series of works Rudee Tancharoen (b. 1980, Thailand) wanted to challenge herself and the viewers/wearers of her jewelry by creating unconventional jewelry that can be considered more as wearable art object.

Iron wires in different thicknesses were used in creating 3D sketches of art objects that can be worn on the body. The process of creating jewelry in this exhibition is different from the normal design protocol where practical function of a piece of jewelry is considered at the beginning of the design process. Instead, Rudee let her imagination and the knitting process lead her to various shapes and forms without restriction or a picture of a finished piece in her mind. For every piece in this exhibition, its function as jewelry was decided towards the end as an “object” started to take its shape.

For Rudee, an object has to be wearable in order to be called “jewelry”. But how long should a piece of work stay on the body to be considered wearable? And which part of the body should the piece be on to be called jewelry?

Rudee considered different parts of the body in deciding where a piece of jewelry should be worn. For Rudee, the human body is considered as an installation space for displaying her wearable art objects.

Exhibition Period: May 21-June 25, 2011

Exhibition Opening: May 21, 2011; 18:30-20:30

More information, visit


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