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by bethwicker on February 9, 2009

I lucked into the purchase of two large displays just before Christmas.  They were on nice wooden bases, and were originally the glass displays used in a high-end clothing store to show off sweaters or shirts.  I got a super deal on them, and used them for the first time at the Florence ArtsFest this past weekend.

The glass pieces are 10″ x 16″, and are designed to fit on the wooden bases horizontally.  This is not how I wanted to configure them for my jewelry, and I wound up using less than half of one display.  I bought four 4′ x 2′ tables from Sam’s Club, with legs that will adjust to children’s height, table height, or counter height.  They are the indesctructible light weight plastic.

I set the tables up two on each side at counter height, and had an extra table at the back.  I put the glass clipped together vertically on the side tables, and used some old displays on the back table.  I think for the next show I will get another of the counter height tables to use in the back.

A friend loaned me a small round table to put my turntable earring display on.  I need to find a counter-height way to show this – the small table was really too low.

I would also love to get some framing that I could put better lights on down the road.

Overall, I was pleased with the way the booth turned out, and thought it looked much more professional than the display I had before.

New tables and glass displays

New tables and glass displays

You can see that the small round table is too low, but the glass displays look good, I think.  My lights work, but could definitely be better.

You can see the edge of the low back table in the left of the picture; that table needs to be the same height as the others I think.


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