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by bethwicker on April 6, 2010

I attended an online Social Media Marketing Tips webinar today.  This was a run up to a big online Social Media Success Summit 2010 coming up soon.  It was led by Michael Stelzner, Mari Smith, Chris Garrett and Denise Wakeman.  Today’s webinar covered 8 top tips for social media marketing, and had almost 3,800 people who had pre-registered and were watching and listening online.

A few statistics they shared:

There are 450 million Facebook users

There are 40 million Twitter updates daily.

Videos are big business.  In December 2009 alone there were over 33.2 billion videos online!  The average viewer watches 187 videos per month.  If someone watches a video on your web site, statistically, 24% of those viewers will make a purchase.

They suggested that you include the url for your web site or other site in the first sentence or two of info about your video, since most people don’t read farther than that.  Types of videos to consider include interviews with you, or others in your area of business; tutorials; how-to’s; demos of your products; and testimonials.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google, and is owned by Google.  They suggested that you create your own YouTube channel for all your videos.  They also suggested you use video camera rather than the camera built into so many computers now.  Pay attention to what background shows in your video.  Make sure your lighting is good.  Have the presenter(s) wear a headset to remove background noise and feedback.

Be sure to optimize your video.  Include links to your sites in the first sentence.  Pay attention to keywords, and use them in the title, description and in the tags.

They also suggested that  businesses need to go on and purchase a .tv domain.  They say this will be the next big internet “land grab”, and you need to protect your name.

When you create a video be sure to add links to it to your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and iTunes sites, and links from each of them to the video.

I’ll cover Tip #2 in my next blog.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my Facebook Fan Page at I’ll be setting up a Social Media tips section there.  I would love to have you share what works and what doesn’t work for you on the Fan Page!


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