Four or five months ago, I began a race.. a ferocious race….. the chasing of my ‘bench jeweler/ silversmith before retirement dream’.   (I have had this dream in the back of my mind for as far back as I can remember.)

Let me begin by explaining that the small company I work for during the day has been having some major financial problems due to the economy.. (Probably sounds pretty familiar to some of you. )   When you are terrified about your company going under, or worried about being laid off with the realization you might not be able to chase the dream you had ALWAYS envisioned.. well.. that  pushes buttons in your head.. at least it did big time for me… 🙂  [I am an overweight 60 year old woman with very specialized skills and experience.. meaning.. very difficult to find another job]

At the time, I could find no silversmith classes to speak of in the Houston area.. so I read all I could get my hands on on silversmithing and making jewelry.  I Googled and really did my research… I bought books, I watched videos; CD’s, YouTube, DVD’s.. and began a buying spree you would NOT believe to get all the tools I need… ask my hubby.. he said it was like Christmas all over again… on almost a daily basis… 🙂  I then bought lots of silver sheet and wire and I bought 2 torches.. I began with the first project that one of books suggested.  I got VERY comfortable with fire and heat.. in fact.. I truly love it!!!   I made a ring… then another… and another…. and then some more.   I really love rings 🙂  I have now made earrings, pendants, chains, bracelets, etc.  All that said… I still have soooo very much more to learn!!

My company is doing better thus far this year, but I still feel like I am in a mad dash as I chase my dream of becoming a ‘bench jeweler/ silversmith before retirement’… I am closer to achieving my dream.. but I have several more years before I can actually collect from Uncle Sam.. and in no way do I consider myself an accomplished bench jeweler/ silversmith at this time… so I ask myself.. can I support myself as a jeweler yet… probably not… 🙁

I am certainly having fun though…

My youngest son moved back in with my hubby and I a few years ago so that he can pursue his dream of making music (rap)… he works as a waiter in a Mexican food place during the evenings.  Well, Sunday I woke up early… I watched some TV… checked my email… soldered a ring.. did some puttering around, and then got out my little Fretz riveting hammer… before I knew it.. I was hammering.. I thought quietly.. it is a pretty small hammer :)… the next thing I knew.. my son was up… looked at me and says “Mom.. can we have a no hammering before 8:00 am rule?”  omg… I said “soorrryyyyyy”  he laughed… 🙂  He knows I love it!!

The journey continues as I chase my dreams…..


What dreams are you chasing??






I was born and raised in south Texas. I have an associates degree in computer assisted design. ( I am a structural design drafter) I love my day job! I have loved rings and jewelry for as far back as I can remember. (My Dad called me Ringo before the BEATLES ever came to be)... Yes.. that does date me :) For many, many years in the back of my mind, I have had the dream of making beautiful jewelry at home when I retire. (Raising kids, getting ahead at work, helping with grand-kids, etc.. time goes so fast).. Well, I hit the big 6 0 last July and realized NOW it was time to start making my dream come true. I took the "plunge" and found out I LOVE silversmithing and metal working!! Wow, I am so totally hooked!!! I sure wish I hadn't put my dream on hold for so long!! This blog is about the journey of chasing dreams and achieving them !!

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