My Story Published on Rena Klingenberg’s Site

November 13, 2008

I decided to write my personal jewelry story and submit it to Rena last night. It was a hard story to write, very personal and involved. So much I wanted to mention, and just not enough time or space to do it in! I wrote about my lifelong, very difficult and continuing battle with depression. […]

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Tutorial – How to Make Right Angle Weave (RAW) Stars

November 7, 2008

I’ve decided that my second post here is going to be something fun and useful, instead of me just blabbering about random stuff. I did this tutorial on eHow, and I thought it would be interesting to put on my blog, and maybe some people don’t know how to make these! Materials needed: 10 top […]

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My Very First Blog Post

November 6, 2008

Hello to everyone! My name is Jamie, and I’m brand new to this whole blogging thing. We will have to see how it goes! My passion is making jewelry. Beadwork. Whatever you may call it, it’s been a lifelong obsession for me, since I was 10 I’ve been stringing tiny beads. Well, there were a […]

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