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by Dana on March 25, 2010

Scavenger Hunt - Pot of "Gold" -Attention Catawba County - Happy Hunting!
Scavenger Hunt ENDS March 31st, 2010 - Any pots that are "redeemed" after this point will be void.
Pot #9 - I'm worth the most....you find me and you find the jackpot

Pot #9 - I'm REAL easy to find, but I'm also REAL tough to find. You will never guess just how visible I am!about an hour ago

REMEMBER - pots will be located in all cities of Catawba County. One in every town near you.....(except the ones that have been found)

Pot # 8 -1st Hint - the place I'm located at is important to peoples future

Pot # 7 - 1st Hint - I'm located in a place that has been around a long time and for anyone that has lived in Catawba County for any lengthy of time, I'm in a pretty significant place

Pot #6 - I can see swings and sand

Pot #5 - this one is sorta tough. Hint, if you figured out the 2nd clue, and you know what town it's located in, remember, it does not have to be "in town". It can be anywhere in that zip code. Here's another hint. From the pot of "gold" - I can see water and bridges. It is very pretty here, especially... with things starting to bloom. I can understand why people get married here, so nice!

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