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by elainemarie on April 14, 2011

Deary deary me, it had started so well.  I had made two silver bracelets (one mother, one daughter) in my class, successfully etched them with galloping stallions.  Only needed to solder them now, easy right? – ha ha

The daughter soldered ok needs a bit of refining, the mother no, it was having none of it, I have ended up with a silver bracelet with a tiny bead of solder attached to it.  Well, I have tried not to pull my hair out with frustration.  I am thinking perhaps my micro torch is not ok to use on larger pieces of silver.  After a few goes I put the bracelets into pickle and decided I ought to go do something else to distract myself from the ever increasing feelings of total hopelessness and inadequacy!

I soldered some pretty dainty daisy earrings, they soldered like a dream – ah well something was going right for the day!

I then decided to experiment with water casting, a few pieces of silver had been in my scrap box a good while so off I went.  The first two attempts produced a couple of curious purple and gold bean shapes, not at all what I had envisaged.  The third piece I covered with flux and waited for the silver to magically turn into a beautiful shiny coral ball and splosh in it went (I did have my apron on and goggles for safety I hasten to add).  This turned into a lovely smooth flower shape with a hole (just about right for a jump right).

Sanity was restored, I have decided to leave the bracelets until I return to college after the Easter break, or I will end up with a broken heart!

I am off into the garden now, the bluebells, primroses and forget-me-nots are out and I need some rays!

Until next time.

Have a great day.






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