Progress on new project with The MMA

by jeanettecaines on April 14, 2017

Untitled10bI was lucky enough to be granted access to photograph these glorious disc earrings last week and here is the first of the detail shots.

I’m obsessed with details and I’ve been fangirling over these shots all week. Mike and I will use these photos to riddle out what methods and tools were used.

We are also waiting for some micrographs (microscopic pictures) and other tests ordered by the MMA to truly reveal the secrets behind all the connections in the piece and the exact alloy.



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Exciting new project with The Met

by jeanettecaines on March 25, 2017

We are embarking on an exciting new project with the help of the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Michael Ellis and I are attempting a recreation of these Etruscan beauties (earrings)using only ancient methods and tools. It should be a fascinating project and we hope to learn a lot. I’ll keep you all posted.2017-03-16 14.39.30-1

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Is Your Pickle Contaminated?

August 31, 2015

Does this ever happen in your studio? You (or someone else) unthinkingly plunges your (ferrous metal) tweezers in the pickle? Or, someone absentmindedly puts something in the pickle pot with (ferrous metal) binding wire on it. Either way, everything in the pickle pot is now copperplated. Does that mean your pickle is “contaminated” and must […]

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Is your Third Hand Ruining Your Soldering?

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For some of you, the answer is yes! Here’s why: Third hands (or arms) are made of steel which has a much higher melting point than the jewelry metals, silver, gold, brass, and copper. That’s a good thing or it wouldn’t be helpful in holding elements while we solder. However, third hands act as a […]

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The Best Jewelry Soldering Tip Ever

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Point Soldering-Invented by the Devil?

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Soldering Demystified

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INTRODUCING A NEW BOOK BY JEANETTE K CAINES In this book I’ve distilled over two decades of testing in the studio to bring you the easiest, quickest and most reliable soldering methods, coupled with over 190 luscious macro color photographs. Stop struggling with soldering and start making your most beautiful and creative work yet.   […]

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Foldforming with Charles Lewton-Brain August 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Jewelry Arts Institute

July 6, 2013

 Join us with Charles Lewton-Brain at our studio in NYC   22 East 49th Street NY NY 10017 Fourth Floor 10am-5pm one hour lunch 850.00 Charles Lewton-Brain is credited with inventing fold forming, a metalsmithing technique recognized the world over as the only new, original innovation in metal working in millennia. Fold forming uses the […]

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Enameling Week with Valerie Blum Monday August 5th -Friday 9th

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Walking Tour of the Jewelry District with Jewelry Arts Institute

June 3, 2013

Walking tour of the Jewelry District with Valerie Blum Thursday June 27th 9:00 am- 11:00am 75.00 47th Street is one of the world’s most vibrant jewelry communities – and an incredible resource for aspiring jewelers. Hidden away in malls and workshops are some of the world’s best platers, casting houses and refiners – even […]

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