70 going on 2008

by larrywhittington on October 9, 2008

The title makes no sense!

As I sit here writing my first blog, it make sense to me. I am 70 and life is going on in 2008.

I am a Lapidary who loves working with rocks. But not just every rock. I like rocks that polish. But not every rock that will polish. I like the agates, jasper, and petrified wood and similar materials. These make nice specimens especially when part of the piece is polished.

I am not a rock hound any more as I do not “field hunt” for rocks any more. Most of my source of rocks are from club sales, rock hound sales, or estate sales. My joy is not in the looking for rocks but in the working of rocks.

When working on a customer’s rock, my joy comes from doing my best polishing his rock. I don’t have to have a display of my rocks to make me happy. I am happy when a customer is happy as he takes his rock to his home. I have some polished specimens of every type of rock I have acquired but I am gradually sorting these and putting prices on these to sell.

I am a Lapidary who looks at jewelry from my point of view. The stones I cut and polish should be the focal point of the jewelry piece if used by a creative metal craftsperson.

Now, how is that for making yourself feel confident and maybe even important to someone who will be using my stones.

My desire is to produce polished gemstones that will be enjoyed by not only the craftsperson using the stones but also the owner of the finished product.

I do not consider myself a jeweler even though I do make some hand crafted jewelry. My interest in the jewelry  making process stems from problems I encounter while making a piece of jewelry. With no formal training, I have to read books about my problem and try to follow a variety of procedures to solve my problem. This is not a bad way of learning. What is hard is to remember what I did that worked the last time I had the same problem.

Enough is enough for now.

Larry E. Whittington





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