Artists of the Round Table

July 31, 2008

I belong to a wonderful group “Artists of the Round Table… A.R.T. for short” a mixed media art group. A.R.T. is a group of mixed media artists, who offer warmth, support, and outstanding artwork. Here are just a few of the workshops A.R.T. has offered in the past; Wire Wrapping, Polymer Clay, Texture Effects, Art […]

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Making Wire Jewelry … My A.R.T. online workshop

July 26, 2008

Two Sizes of Wire – Lesson three Lesson three combines different wire gauges to create different textures. “The necklace was designed especially for a plain round neckline.” I choose 14 gauge Gold Parawire and 18 gauge non-tarnish Silver Parawire to complete the project. Again the 14 gauge wire proved to be somewhat a challenge, I […]

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My Second Wire Wrap Jewelry Charm Swap

July 25, 2008

Swaps n’ Challenges Summer-Patriotic Theme Kites flying in the summer skies, Angel Fish swimming in the ocean, 4th of July picnics, dancing feather floating in the summer breeze, ice cream cones on a warm summer afternoon, gone fishing… My charm swap arrived today…. Wonderful designs, created by lovely ladies… Kites/God’s Eye was the theme of […]

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My little devil….

July 17, 2008

Which little devil could that be? Well her real name is “Samantha”, but fondly called “Sam”. It isn’t that we planned on calling her by her nickname, it’s just she’s always in trouble, who has the time to yell out Samantha when she’s getting into anything and everything. Even as a very tiny kitten, she […]

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Making Wire Jewelry….My A.R.T. online workshop

July 15, 2008

“Experimenting with heavier wire” Lesson 2 The Lapel Pin As I started my second lesson today, I found that my planned design just wasn’t feasible, the wire just wouldn’t cooperate. The heavier gauge wire had a mind of its own. All wire has a natural curve, and experimentation taught me to take advantage of this […]

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My First Wire Wrap Jewelry Charm Swap – WWJ

July 14, 2008

This is a collection of all the charms that were submitted by the talented jewelry artist that participated in my first charm swap. Karon Adams made this lovely window heart display showing the beauty of all the charms. The theme for my first charm swap was Valentines Day/Saint Patrick’s Day. Each participant could choice either […]

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Photography……it’s driving me crazy…

July 12, 2008

I even own a light cube!I am so photo challenged, and more I try, the more confused I seem to get. I’m currently trying to improve my jewelry photos, with not much success. Much of the information that I have gleaned has come from my jewelry related online groups, where they suggest a solid background […]

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My First Swap Partner….

July 11, 2008

Just wanted to share my experience in my very first “Beadingaholics” swap, and a friendship that grew from participating. The swap was earrings, theme was “Sunrise”, the rules were simple, I signed up to participate, our swap partners were chosen by the hostess, we contacted each other, and mailed off our creations by the due […]

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My Wire Thing-ie….

July 9, 2008

A useful tip… A great little tool that I keep my purse and you can make it yourself. It’s with me when I go to the bead store and with me when I go to the hardware store. Now when I visit my local bead store, shopping for beads for a design, there is no […]

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The Adventure Begins…

July 5, 2008

This is the beginning of my first week of my online workshop, Making Wire Jewelry, aka: MWJ… I hope you enjoy this journey with me… My first lesson begins…“An Ancient Design” “Over four thousand years ago an Egyptian goldsmith produced a lovely and unusual necklace made entirely of wire. As far as we know, he […]

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